How to Start your Online Selling Business THIS Week Even if you're New and Tight on Cash

Your Beginner's Step-By-Step Guide to Start Right, Not Lose Money, and Build Your Amazon Business.
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You can make $300, $500 or $10,000 a month selling on Amazon regardless of how much time you have, how much money you have to invest, or what your personality is.


You see, many teach how to start businesses on Amazon; but most of these businesses require large startup capital and risky investments. We disagree!

The smartest and safest way to build an Amazon business is to use low-risk, low-cost methods that work long-term (not gimmicky “loopholes” that work for a month or two until Amazon finds out about them and closes down the accounts of those using them).

Wouldn’t you agree that this is the smartest approach, especially for people who happened to be tight on cash? But even if you have a big budget to get started, why would you want to lose that money on untested inventory?

Instead of investing thousands of dollars in products that will only end up filling your garage, we teach all sellers to start with small quantities:

  • Test 2-3 units based on data that shows you a high probability of selling

  • If they sell, buy more units (5-10)

  • If these sell, buy 20 units (or however many will sell in one month)

  • Find a cheaper source for the same product to buy more

  • Find a second product, and apply the same strategy

  • Find a third product, rinse and repeat

Does this low-risk approach make sense to you?

It surely does make sense to us! That’s why we teach it around here.

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