Episode 93: How to Use Business to Make an Impact.  With Guest Erik Olson.

May 21, 2021

“In this episode Ryan chats with Erik Olson, President of Dignity Coconuts about how this amazing company is transforming lives and communities with this one simple ingredient.”

Dignity Coconuts


Would you consider helping Dignity Coconuts?

Read the message below from President Erik Olson:


God is working amazing transformation in the lives of our 270 workers and farmers - and in the communities around our coconut business. Hundreds are on a path to freedom from poverty. Thousands were helped in their most desperate time. I am SO grateful.

This year we had direct hits by THREE Typhoons, severe COVID restrictions, and REALLY HARD business impacts… it was a year of historic challenge for us. God sustained us and we are beyond thankful. Through the difficulties, we worked hard to stay the course:

  1. God gave us creative workarounds.
  2. We bought our competitors’ coconuts. I know. Desperate times...Desperate measures.
  3. We sponsored four separate relief projects to repair 336 homes, plant 2,500 coconut tree saplings, and deliver a quarter-million pounds of rice to 2,000 hungry families.

We need help. 


As we assess our road to recovery in 2021, we have determined that $300,000 in contributions is needed to rebuild inventory and increase PR, marketing and sales. Would you consider joining us?

If you are interested, email me at 
erik@dignitycoconuts.com or give now at:





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